7 Steps Training

inFocus run a variety of online and in-person training courses based on our 7 Steps to measuring and managing social change curriculum. The 7 Steps help you to take action to increase the impact and financial sustainability of your programmes through conducting high quality M&E.  

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InFocus offer a range of practical, relevant and engaging courses that bring the 7 Steps to life

How to develop a theory of change

We draw upon our experience of developing theories of change for 100’s of organisations & programmes around the world, to create a powerful strategy & communication tool.

How to train staff to collect data

This course will guide an organisations’ M&E lead person on how to run a training session for their staff and volunteers on the ethical collection of high quality data.

Essentials Courses

Essentials courses help individuals and organisations to focus in on specific skills and techniques such as developing indicators or writing effective reports with a choice of 17 2-hour webinars

How to access inFocus training

Book onto individual courses

You can book an individual course by clicking on the button below and Buy a Pass for the course you are interested in. You will be automatically registered on the course and sent details.

Get an Annual Pass

A ‘7 Steps’ Annual Pass (AP) permits either an individual or a group of individuals from the same organisation to attend ANY and ALL courses flexibly across a full 12-month period.

Get a Network-wide Training Plan

For Funders and Network Co-ordinating Bodies, who wish to build capacity across a network of grantees and/or network membership, a Network-wide training plan can be developed.

Customised Courses

Infocus also develops custom courses for individual organisations based on the four courses above, tailoring the content towards the specific needs of the organisation. This personalised approach ensures more time to delve into specific topics These courses can be delivered online or on location.

What Our Clients Think

Moving The Goalposts

“The infocus Training on Monitoring and Evaluation has been helpful to me as M & E officer at Moving The Goalposts because my skills on monitoring have been enhanced and I got insight on how to improve on my work. The trainers of trainees course on data collection carried out in February 2016 provided me with advanced skills to train MTG data collectors who worked with external consultants during baseline surveys carried out recently for MTG projects. I appreciate infocus for considering us during their trainings.”

Janet Motah

Fight with Insight

“I found the Theory of Change Training to be a practical and guided way to work through our organisation’s theory of change, and I really enjoyed the innovative way in which the course was conducted”

Sheri Errington

Catch the Stars Foundation

“The training delivered by inFocus is top notch, relevant, and actionable. If you want to learn how to communicate and measure your impact to drive income, learn from one of the best in the measurement and evaluation sector.”

TJ McGovern


“The Theory of Change process and SIM toolkit developed has helped ISCA members to improve on specific aspects of initiatives for ‘hard to reach’ groups, to make more people more active in the longer term and to measure the social impact of their efforts across Europe. We thank inFocus for this journey and look forward to further cooperation!”

Saska Benedicic Tomat

Are you interested in delivering inFocus training?

inFocus also offers ‘training of training’ courses on how to facilitate inFocus training and use our wide range of unique presentations, guides and tools.

Are you a consultant interested in delivering inFocus training in your region?

inFocus run an associates scheme for consultants that are interested in delivering inFocus training and consultancy in their region

Are you the M&E lead in your organisation and interested in delivering inFocus training to your staff and volunteers

inFocus run an associates scheme for consultants that are interested in delivering inFocus training and consultancy in their region

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