What is an Annual Pass?

The inFocus 7 Steps Training is a comprehensive and high quality programme of training based on the inFocus 7 Steps to Measuring and Managing Social Change curriculum. The 7 Steps helps an organisation to take action to increase the impact and financial sustainability of their programmes. For more details on the 7 Steps and to download the guide click here.

A 7 Steps Annual Pass gives: 

  • One named individual flexible access to ALL courses scheduled during a full 12-month period
  • Access to our M&E Champions Certification scheme for the pass holder (see scheme details below).

For all Annual Pass purchases before the end of January 2018, the holder will also receive a 15% discount voucher* for Upshot software, our recommended performance management solution (*reclaimable before end of July 2018).

Who is it for?

An Annual Pass is ideal for any social change professional who wants to learn the key principles and utilise key tools that will support them in delivering high impact results and enhancing the performance of their social projects and programmes. It represents a 50% discount off the cost of attending the individual curriculum courses (full curriculum value = £1,655). A pass makes financial sense to purchase if you plan on attending 2 or more of our core course modules!

How does it work?

The 7 Step full curriculum (x19 courses) is run three times per year, across two separate time-zones (US/Europe/Africa friendly and Asia/Far East friendly). The next full curriculum cycle is scheduled 2 months in advance (click here to view our online training calendar). This means our Annual Pass holders have plenty of opportunities across the year to ‘live’ attend each and every one of the 19 courses, and get access to all post-webinar recordings, associated course guides, tools and templates to practically implement each step within their own organisation.

An Annual Pass gives you maximum flexibility and best value to complete your training and master the 7 Steps!

Once you are signed up for an Annual Pass you will receive your unique access code and our Weekly 7 Steps Training Bulletin that provides a regular reminder of upcoming  courses and any special events.

Registration onto any 7 Steps course is an easy ‘two-click’ process, ideal for busy people. With each bulletin you receive our Annual Pass Holder Training Calendar (see example above), to view all courses that are open for advance registration across the year, so you can plan and book all your training, ahead of time. 

What does it cost?

£899 per annual pass

We’re so confident that you will get great value for your investment that we operate a money back guarantee on annual passes, reclaimable within first 3 months should you be dissatisfied with the training provided!

Note: Anyone who signs up for an Annual Pass before the end of January 2018, will receive a 15% discount voucher reclaimable against an Upshot performance management software purchase. Valid until end of July 2018. 

Interested in multiple passes?

For Funders and Network Co-ordinating Bodies who wish to build capacity across their own grantees and/or network members, Annual Passes can be purchased in bulk and at a further discount. These can be flexibly allocated across grantees/ Network Members.


Want to access just a single course?

If you would like to book onto just an individual course, click on our Online Training Calendar

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7 Steps M&E Champions Certification Scheme

The scheme formally recognises the professional development milestones achieved by an Annual Pass holder, as they progress through the training programme. As you progress through the levels you will receive a unique  7 Steps Training Certificate. The scheme provides recognition for trainee achievements and additional opportunity as trainees progress across the four levels of certification (see pop-up outline to the left), by gaining access to:

  • Trainer of Trainer Modules (for Level 3 graduates) – to run and facilitate a 2 hour ‘Introduction to the 7 Steps to social change’ training, using inFocus materials
  • Monthly M&E Expert Roundtables (for Level 4 graduates) –to discuss advanced M&E topics and access a peer support and mentor group

Annual Pass Holder Quotes

“The inFocus Training has been so helpful to me as an M&E officer, enhancing my skills and giving me some great insights into how to improve my work. The course provided me with advanced skills to train other MTG data collectors. I appreciate inFocus for inviting us to their trainings!”

Janet Motah, Moving The Goalposts

“The training delivered by inFocus is top notch, relevant, and actionable. If you want to learn how to communicate and measure your impact to drive income, learn from one of the best in the measurement and evaluation sector.”

TJ, Catch the Stars Foundation

“I found the Theory of Change Training to be a really practical and guided way to work through our organisation’s theory of change, and I really enjoyed the innovative way in which the inFocus training was conducted”

Sheri Errington, Fight with Insight
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