Course Outline

7 Steps to Measuring Social Change is an intensive three day online course that will give you a comprehensive overview of how to measure social change and develop tools and processes that drive the collection, management and analysis of data. The course covers the 7 inFocus steps to measuring social change:

  • Step 1: Decide on your overall approach to measuring social impact (whether to use monitoring, evaluation and/or research) and what support you need
  • Step 2: Decide on your overall approach to measuring social impact (whether to use monitoring, evaluation and/or research) and what support you need
  • Step 3: Select/develop indicators that will identify what has taken place as a result of running your activities and to what extent
  • Step 4: Plan your data collection by selecting the right data collection method, taking a quality approach to sampling and finalising your indicator framework
  • Step 5: Develop data collection tools (we focus on questionnaires in this guide) to collect high quality data
  • Step 6: Collect and manage your data through effectively deploying data collection tools, ensuring the data you collect is high quality and secure, and selecting the right software for  your organisation
  • Step 7: Use the data you collect: effectively analyse and learn from your data to improve the delivery of your activities, your fundraising and your accountability back to stakeholders.

Course Objectives

The 7 Steps to Measuring Social Change course will give you:

  • a comprehensive overview of the topic of measuring social change, with a particular focus on monitoring and evaluation
  • access to tools and templates for conducting your own monitoring and evaluation
  • interaction with other organisations looking to improve their monitoring and evaluation

Who Should Apply / Course Requirements

This course requires approximately nine hours of work directly with inFocus experts. We recommend planning for a five to ten hours additionally to complete the accompanying exercises. A reliable internet connection/good internet connectivity is also important to take part in the course. This course is for staff and volunteers of both practitioners (delivering activities to drive social change) and the funders and/or networks supporting delivery agencies that are responsible monitoring and evaluation in their organisations. This includes staff/volunteers that: are new to the topic and are looking for advice and resources to help get started, and have tools and processes in place to measure social change and are looking for ideas on how to improve.

Course Topics, Structure and Timing

This course takes place across two days (four hours per day with thirty minutes for an optional Q&A) with a mix of presentations with interactive exercises.

Course Resources

The course is supported by the inFocus 7 Steps to Measuring Social Change pdf guide and associated mini-guides. illustrations, videos and eLearning resources. 

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