Course Outline

Collecting data is a crucial part of the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) process and questionnaires are perhaps the most common data collection tool used for this purpose in the non-profit sector. For many organisations there is a reliance on using staff and/or volunteers to collect data and deploy questionnaires and ensuring that these staff are well trained is crucial to collecting good quality data. Ensuring staff are following good practice principles in relation to deploying questionnaires will help to: improve the quality of data (therefore improving the quality of decision making and reporting), empower staff and volunteers to get involved in the M&E process and learn new skills and, finally, ensure that the rights of participants and their data are protected

Course Objectives

This course will help you to:

  • Plan data collection training
  • Understand the fundamental issues of data quality and bias
  • Introduce questionnaires to data collectors
  • Prepare data collectors to set-up data collection
  • Train data collectors to successfully deploy questionnaires
  • Ensure data is returned securely for storage and analysis.

Who Should Apply / Course Requirements

This course is for monitoring and evaluation coordinators/managers who are responsible for supporting staff or volunteers to collect data. As the course is run online, a reliable internet connection is also important to fully benefit from this course.

Course Topics, Structure and Timing

This course takes place across two days (four hours per day with thirty minutes for an optional Q&A) with a mix of presentations with interactive exercises.

Course Resources

The course is supported by a 22-page training manual with instructions on how to deliver a training session with staff and volunteers and training resources including a PowerPoint presentation, hand-outs and agendas for help run a one-hour, half-day or full-day training session.

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