Our SIM consultancy services support organisations to conduct Social Impact Measurement, which helps them to monitor the performance of their activities and to communicate their most important results more powerfully. We help organisations measure real changes for real people.

Who We Work With

We support delivery agencies (organisations running programmes or interventions directly in communities), funders and networks to measure the social impact of their activities and/or funding.   This includes organisations that:

  • are new to the topic of social impact measurement (including monitoring, evaluation and/or research) and are looking for advice and resources to help get started.
  • have tools and processes in place to measure social impact and are looking for ideas on how to improve 

We provide organisations with support across all stages of their SIM journey, from basic monitoring and evaluation to more advanced evaluation and research techniques.

Delivery Agency services
Funder services
Network services

The End Result

Our consultants help organisations use their data effectively to report back to stakeholders, and utilize data as a financial development tool. We do this by supporting organisations in three areas, based on independently verified quality standards for SIM:

We help to put in place what we call a ‘SIM System’ including the basic processes and tools needed to measure social impact, and provide support about how to run the system. Once organisations generate data, we advise on how to use their results effectively.

How We Work

The inFocus 3 Step System:


Assess your SIM Status: we look at your current tools and processes for measuring social impact and identify any gaps to be addressed.


Consultancy & Training: we work with you to improve your SIM processes and tools (SIM System) so that you can more effectively collect high quality data.


Ongoing Support: Once you start to use your new processes and tools, we will help you to run your system and use your results effectively.


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