inFocus supports organisations working directly with individuals and their communities to increase the positive social impact of their work. Delivery agencies include nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), community groups, government departments, and other entities that create social change by providing frontline services within a community. Our consultancy services are designed to address some of the challenges that delivery agencies face.

Challenges and Solutions


Delivery agencies often struggle to collect data that might help to guide strategic programmatic improvements which lead to deepened impact. This results in organisations maintaining the status quo from one year to the next and hinders communication between key donors and stakeholders.


Our SIM services support organisations with Social Impact Measurement (SIM) systems, designed to strategically monitor program effectiveness and identify areas for improvement. Availability of good quality social impact data is also key to marketing and fundraising effectiveness.


Delivery agencies are not always clear on effective practices and cost effective strategies and solutions to bring about social change in a given context. This results in the duplication of efforts, as well as misspent time and money.


Our Research, Evaluation & Learning services support organisations with applied research and evidence-based strategies, which are essential ingredients in planning effective programmes. We build ‘Learning Communities’ to ensure the wider field can access effective practices identified, helping organisations to avoid ‘reinventing the wheel.’



Delivery agencies are sometimes limited in both the scope and scale of their impact upon their target audience, due to both size and resource constraints, but also their approach to scaling up their services and working in concert with others.


Our Planning for Impact services help organisations to think through the right routes to growth and ‘gear up’ for the future. Working in partnership with others is an important  mindset and skill set for delivery agencies to develop, to ensure maximum impact from their efforts. 

Social Impact Measurement (SIM) Services

We support delivery agencies to measure the social impact of their activities by providing support across three areas:

  • Developing a Theory of Change to map, understand and communicate how change happens through an initiative
  • Building and running a ‘SIM System’- the processes and tools needed to measure social impact, and then supporting organisations to run this system
  • Using SIM Results- once organisations generate data, we advise on how to use results effectively for different purposes


Research, Evaluation and Learning Services

  • inFocus conducts independent, external evaluations to facilitate learning and support accountability. We have conducted evaluations of high complexity projects, programmes and organisations for various clients, both in the Sport for Development and wider international development sector.
  • We also provide the opportunity to join learning communities, where you can share knowledge and experiences with organisations working to address the same social issues. You can find out more about our learning communities here.

Planning for Impact Services

  • Programme Design support helps organisations to develop the right programme model and curriculum that incorporates existing good practices, modified to the context and particular audience needs
  • Strategic Implementation Planning that brings together in a participatory way, a clear vision for the future, clarity over the potential barriers to progress and innovative programme and organisational (functional) strategies to overcome them. Subsequent translation of strategy into a realistic and actionable implementation plan is an important final element of strategic planning for impact.

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