Sign up to an upcoming FREE Theory of Change Webinar on the InFocus Event page. Social Impact Measurement (SIM) Advanced is an inFocus e-learning training course that will guide you through how to build and manage your own impact measurement system (the tools and processes that drive the collection, management and analysis of data) and give staff and volunteers practical knowledge on key impact measurement topics. Within each module there is an online e-learning component that uses interactive content, illustrations, exercises, videos and audio to take users through an introduction to each topic and how to complete inFocus tools and templates that will be used to build your Impact Measurement system. Users can also choose to go further into detail on topics with examples ‘from the field’ or further reading. The course will be accompanied by webinars hosted by experts from the inFocus team, providing further best-practice examples, digging deeper into key topics and answering questions from users. The theory of change module takes you through an introduction to theory of change, how to create a plan for developing a theory of change, the different steps to building a theory of change (i.e. situation, target audience, impact, outcomes pathway, activities and assumptions) and the next steps with presenting and sharing your theory of change. The overall course will be based on the SIM quality standards for implementing impact measurement systems. Social Impact Measurement (SIM) is a leading global standard that organisations use to measure, manage and analyse the impact of their social programmes. The independently verified standard draw on international expertise and experience to provide guidelines in seven key areas. Sign up to the upcoming SIM Assessment event on the InFocus Event page. Check out further information on the SIM Assessment process here.


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