• We join Global agencies to measure sports’ contribution to the SDGs

  • UNDP and the 7 Steps in Eastern Europe

  • Spirit of 2012 Evaluation Summit

  • Announcing inFocus and Upshot partnership 2018!

  • Definition of Sport for Development

  • Mainstreaming inclusion and our gender lens at inFocus

    Over the past year, inFocus, through the support of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation [...]

  • Shaping the Sport for Development Agenda Post – 2015

    Many people believe it can, but in order to scale its’ impact, we will all need to be, think and act differently to the past [...]

  • The Role of Collective Impact in the Sport for Development Sector

    The Sport for Development (S4D) sector is a part of the wider social good sector which uses [...]

  • Our top picks: Theory of Change Resources

    We have carefully selected our top picks for Theory of Change resources from reports, videos and webinars. [...]

  • SIM Advanced Training: Theory of Change Webinars

    Sign up to an upcoming FREE Theory of Change Webinar on the InFocus Event page. Social Impact Measurement (SIM) [...]

  • Spirit and inFocus join in partnership for 3 years

    Spirit of 2012 working with inFocus research consortium to evaluate impact of investments Spirit and [...]

  • Strategic Partner Project: Laureus Sports for Good Foundation

    Over the last months, the inFocus team has been collaborating closely on several fronts [...]

  • Overview of the SIM Assessment Process by inFocus

    The Social Impact Measurement (SIM) Assessment developed by inFocus assesses [...]

  • FREE SIM Assessment Webinars

    Sign up to the upcoming SIM Assessment event on the InFocus Event page. In this free webinar, [...]

  • Theory of Change Webinar

    Sign up to an upcoming FREE Theory of Change Webinar on the InFocus Event page. Social [...]

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