The 7 Steps Training Guide


To perform well in the charitable sector and sustain efforts in the long run, requires more than just good intentions!

Strong leadership and financial sustainability are two important components that underpin a charities ability to perform well. However, the foundation of a charities success, lies in its’ ability to create MEANINGFUL SOCIAL CHANGE.

High performing charities hold themselves to account for the social change they achieve for people and communities, first and foremost. Accounting for social change that is truly meaningful, is not about how many beneficiaries are being engaged or even about what a charity does to support them. It’s about demonstrating a positive and long lasting change in peoples’ lives that enhances their individual life prospects.

The 7 Steps to Measuring and Managing Social Change is specifically designed to support all agents of social change to : 

  • Create a powerful BLUEPRINT for their social change
  • Develop robust processes, tools & practices to MEASURE & performance MANAGE their results
  • Produce creative and high quality IMPACT REPORTS

It is a holistic step-by-step approach designed to drive the creation of meaningful social change through a charities’ work and make it highly ‘visible’ to others.

Mastery of the 7 Steps provides a solid foundation for success for organisations interested in creating and sustaining a real impact in the world, whatever their shape, size and situational context.

How do the 7 Steps help you to fundraise?


Accountability for creating ‘meaningful social change’ happens to also be the ‘key’ to unlocking a far more financially sustainable future.

All charities essentially exchange the impact or ‘social good’ they do, for funds and resources that are ‘invested’ by others. The ability to be both accountable and transparent in this transaction with funders or other resource providers (i.e. of ‘social impact’ in exchange for ‘funds and resources’), is a fundamental capability required of high-performing charities.

Once the 7 Steps are mastered, an organisation is well positioned to unlock new donors and ensures existing ones continue to support the cause.

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This guide will take you through the seven steps to measuring and managing social change, from preparing and getting support through to using data effectively to improve programmes and drive fundraising and growth.

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