Course Outline

‘Building a SIM System’ is an intensive webinar and e-learning course that will guide you through how to build and manage your own Social Impact Measurement (SIM) system; the tools and processes that drive the collection, management and analysis of data. The objective of the course is also to give staff and volunteers in-depth knowledge of key SIM topics.

Course Topics 

The overall inFocus curriculum for SIM covers the 5 areas below, based on the inFocus quality standards for SIM. This course covers the first 4 areas, which involve the building and running of a SIM system.

Building and Running a SIM System table2

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Course Structure and Timing

This is an intensive course that takes place over 3 days (when run online) with 3 four-hour sessions (including breaks). When run in person, the course takes place over 2 days. The course involves live sessions run by inFocus experts that will guide users through the course materials.  Participants in the course also have the option to access eLearning modules during and after the course; these modules use interactive content, illustrations, exercises, videos and audio to take users through each of the topics above.

Course Requirements

This course requires approximately 12 hours of work directly with inFocus experts. We recommend planning for a 5 to 10 hours additionally to complete the eLearning component and accompanying exercises. If taking part in the course online  a reliable internet connection/good internet connectivity is also important to take part in the course.

Who Should Apply

This course is for staff and volunteers of both delivery agencies (the inFocus term for NGOs and CBOs delivering activities that aim to generate social change) and the funders and/or networks supporting delivery agencies that are responsible for SIM (monitoring, evaluation and/or research) in their organisations. This includes staff/volunteers that:

  • are new to the topic of social impact measurement (including monitoring, evaluation and/or research) and are looking for advice and resources to help get started.
  • have tools and processes in place to measure social impact and are looking for ideas on how to improve.

The maximum number of participants on the course is 12.


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