Course Outline

The inFocus Esssentials courses are 90-minute webinars that introduce key topics in relation to theory of change and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) through presentations and interactive exercises/discussions. Essentials courses help individuals and organisations from around the world to focus in on specific skills and techniques.

Course Topics

There are 17 Essentials Modules, each of which runs three times a year:

  • Introduction to inFocus 7 Steps to High Performance: this provides an overview of the 7 Steps end-to-end integrated process, along with introduction to key terminology.
  • How to plan your evaluation: how to define the scope, scale and approach to your evaluation with key stakeholders and ensure it focuses on the most important aspects.
  • How to conduct participatory M&E: how to involve your stakeholders and beneficiaries across the M&E process.
  • How to conduct Ethical M&E: how to take an ethical approach to M&E, from ensuring that you do no harm, through to ensuring that activities are as inclusive as possible.
  • How to develop indicators: an introduction to indicators and different indicator types and how to select, develop, review, prioritise, refine and operationalise Indicators.
  • How to choose ‘creative’ M&E methods: an exploration of different creative methods and key considerations for choosing data collection methods.
  • How to develop questionnaires: how to develop effective questionnaires that will yield good quality and reliable data.
  • How to get the right sample: an introduction to key sampling concepts and how you can get the right sample to fit with your expertise and resources.
  • How to conduct interviews: an introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of the interview data collection method and good practice in how to conduct interviews to collect data.
  • How to run a focus group: best practice tips and techniques for running a focus group.
  • How to protect your data: best practice tips and techniques on how to develop secure processes for protecting your participant’s and stakeholder’s data and avoiding harm.
  • How to set up a data quality process: an introduction to the topic of data quality and some steps you can take to improve the overall quality of your data.
  • How to analyse quantitative results: 5 steps for analysing quantitative data, from deciding what you want to find out, to selecting your analysis tools and preparing, displaying and interpreting your data.
  • How to analyse qualitative results: how to analyse qualitative data, for example, data collected in open text boxes in a questionnaire.
  • How to write effective reports: how to write effective reports to support you to be more accountable back to funders and stakeholders and improve fundraising.
  • How to use your M&E to drive fundraising: how M&E can be a key asset for increasing your fundraising success, both through selling the strengths of your M&E to potential new funders and effectively promoting your results.
  • How to use your M&E to improve Programmes: an introduction to the characteristics of a learning organisation and practical steps to take to turn we explore how to become a learning organisation and turn learning into action.

Who Should Apply / Course Requirements

This webinar is for staff and volunteers of organisations that are interested in increasing their knowledge and skills in the topics of M&E and Fundraising.

Course Topics, Structure and Timing

Each 90 webinar is run by an inFocus expert in our virtual classrooms and includes access to guides and resources. There is an option 30 minute Q&A session following each webinar.

Course Requirements

No prior knowledge of the Essentials topics is needed. Webinars are offered online, so a reliable internet connection is also important to fully benefit from this course.

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Course prices: £50 (incl Tax)

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