Course Outline

Measuring the social impact of programmes and activities remains a key challenge for organisations in the development sector. This introductory webinar provides an overview of the topic of Social Impact Measurement (SIM) and how organisations can use monitoring, evaluation and/or research to measure the results of activities for individuals and communities.

Course Topics

The complete inFocus SIM curriculum is based on the inFocus quality standards, and covers the 5 areas outlined in the chart below. The Getting Started with Social Impact Measurement course provides an overview of the first four areas, related to building and running a SIM system. 

Getting started with SIM table2

Course Structure and Timing

This public webinar is run by a member of the inFocus team in our virtual classroom. We explain SIM topics, guide group exercises, and complete a Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

Course Requirements

This 1 hour introductory webinar requires an interest in SIM and the willingness to learn. Webinars are offered  online, so a reliable internet connection/good internet connectivity is also important to fully benefit from this course.

Who Should Apply

This webinar is for staff and volunteers of both delivery agencies that aim to generate social change, and the funders and/or networks that are supporting delivery agencies. This includes:

  • Novice staff/volunteers who are new to the topic of social impact measurement (including monitoring and evaluation) and would benefit from advice and resources to get started.
  • Intermediate SIM data collectors who have tools and processes in place to measure social impact and are looking for ideas on how to improve.


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