Course Outline

Social Impact Measurement (SIM) is a key part of the grant management process for funders. Effective SIM processes can ensure that grant making is supported by ongoing organisational learning and accountability. This 3 day course will help grant managers to:

  • Understand key concepts for developing and improving grant schemes for effective grant management
  • Understand Social Impact Measurement (SIM) key concepts and techniques in relation to grant schemes and learn how to collect and use good quality impact data from grantees and supported projects
  • Explore grant management and SIM from a grantee’s perspective and learn how to build stronger relationships with grantees
  • Understand how effective grant and program management supports sustainable growth and scaling out social impact

Course Topics 

The Grant Management and SIM training is based on the generalised grant scheme process below:


The course examines all aspects of the grant management cycle (boxes above), with a particular focus on the elements that relate to Social Impact Measurement (SIM). Specifically, topics include: 

  • The first principles of developing a grant scheme (circles above), to increase the Grant Manager’s understanding of the wider context for SIM,
  • Effective strategies to communicate funding opportunities with potential grantees
  • Examination of the interlocking elements of grant schemes that are less directly related to SIM, but which constitute a direct impact on monitoring and reporting. For example, the clarity with which the overarching grant scheme is communicated to grantees will have an impact on how the reporting requirements are understood and followed by Delivery Partners/Grantees. Accountability and reporting requirements must be made are clear at the onset of each grant cycle, if funders expect high levels of adherence.

Course Structure and Timing 

This 3 day course involves 3 hours of content each day run by an inFocus expert. The topics covered by the course include:

  • Introduction to Social Impact and Social Impact Measurement for Funders
  • Developing a Grant Scheme
  • Grant Management Cycle, Part 1: Application to and Assessment of M&E Negotiation
  • Grant Management Cycle Part 2: Ongoing Reporting and Communication

Course Requirements

Participants are required to join each of the 3-hour sessions, and commit to 2 hours of further reading and preparation. The live course is held online, and participants require a reliable internet connection to actively engage in interactive segments. Each of the webinars is recorded and distributed to enrolled students after the course.

Who Should Apply

This course is designed for grant managers and development staff responsible for awarding or monitoring grant-funded activities. The topics covered will directly benefit funders interested in social impact measurement.

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