Course Outline

Theory of change is a technique that helps you to map out and explore how your activities lead to social change, and your underlying beliefs or assumptions in relation to  this. It is a powerful tool for helping to:

ico3 Communicate your programmes and their intended impact with existing and potential stakeholders and funders
ico3 Act as a basis for Social Impact Measurement (SIM) by helping to identify what elements of your programmes to monitor and evaluate
ico1 Provide focus and direction by getting staff ‘on the same page’ with what you are looking to achieve.

Course Topics

The theory of change course covers the following topics

  • What is a theory of change?
  • Components of a theory of change
  • Who uses a theory of change?
  • Why use a theory of change?

  • Developing a theory of change:
  • Deciding the scope
  • Developing a theory of change (situation, impact, outcome pathway, activities and assumptions)
  • Developing a ‘lite’ theory of change
  • Verifying your theory of change

  • Taking the next steps with theory of change


Course Structure and Timing

This 2-hour webinar is run by a member of the inFocus team in our virtual classroom to introduce the theory of change methodology and demonstrate practical examples of using the technique.

Course Requirements

This 2 hour introductory webinar requires an interest and willingness in learning the theory of change technique. No prior knowledge of theory of change is needed. Webinars are offered online, so a reliable internet connection is also important to fully benefit from this course.

Who Should Apply

This webinar is for staff and volunteers of organisations that are interested in learning about, or taking the first step in developing, a theory of change.



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