Course Outline

One of the most common challenges with Social Impact Measurement (SIM) is what to do with data once it has been collected and presented. This 2-day course helps organisations to use data effectively to facilitate learning and to improving activities, as well as to report effectively to funders and stakeholders, and to market and fundraise more effectively.

Course Topics 

The course covers the fifth area of the overall inFocus SIM curriculum: ‘Using SIM Results’. We start by looking at how organisations interpret and draw conclusions from data before moving onto using your data to report results in a way that will resonate with different types of stakeholders to increase the potential of your fundraising and marketing.

Using SIM results table

 Course Structure and Timing

The course involves two, 3 hour webinars across two days (so either two mornings or two afternoons) run by inFocus experts.  The course breaks down as follows:

  • Day 1: Interpreting and Learning from Data
  • Day 2: Using Data for Reporting, Marketing and Fundraising

Course Requirements

This course assumes that participants already have organizational impact data presented in tables, graphs and/or charts and are ready to interpret the findings. As the webinars take place online, a reliable internet connection is also important to take part in the course.

Course Preparation Support

inFocus courses (Building a SIM System/Running a SIM System) can be taken ahead of Using SIM Results, to prepare for the lessons in this course.

inFocus also offers periodic courses about how to prepare and present data effectively (e.g. in charts, graphs, tables) with Microsoft Excel. This option is ideal if participants have raw data, but are unsure about how to take the next step. Please contact us for more details.

Who Should Apply  

This course is useful for staff and volunteers who are responsible for SIM (monitoring, evaluation and/or research) in their organisations. The course is designed for both delivery agencies and funders and/or networks that support delivery agencies. inFocus defines a ‘delivery agency’ as NGOs and CBOs that deliver activities designed to generate social change. This course is also suitable for senior managers and fundraisers that recognise the benefit of using SIM data, but do not necessarily analyse data as a regular part of their position.



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