The Alumni Memberships

For everyone who has completed the IMM Builder course there is an Alumni Membership that will support your ongoing development. We have a both a FREE Basic membership and a PAID for Full membership. The FREE membership incudes all the benefits of the Impact Community Membership PLUS exclusive alumni discounts and invites to inFocus special events. However, for £20 per month we offer a route to Continuous Professional Development and Annual Advanced IMM Re-Accreditation!

What are the benefits of your £20 per month membership?

Ongoing Access to Courses

Get continuous access to ALL IMM Courses and NEW materials as
they are updated/ released

Monthly Alumni Webinars

Every month we will host an
advanced IMM training webinar with
expert speakers and tutors on IMM

Annual Re-certification

Tutor led annual re-assessment
and certification to demonstrate
your knowledge and skills

Annual Advanced Re-Assessment and Certification

Your annual subscription fee will incorporate an Advanced Assessment of your IMM skills and capabilities, reviewed by an inFocus tutor in the final month of your 12-month subscription. The assessment, will include an expert written critique and direct feedback on your answers to each of three levels of Annual Assessment – Bronze, Silver and Gold. the marked assessment will determine whether the participant receives an Advanced IMM Certificate of achievement.  This may require the learner to first undertake a re-assessment process, to reach the 75% pass mark at each grade.