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Want to continue your IMM journey? Try our Alumni Memberships once you have completed the Builder Course Series.

Basic Alumni Membership

Continue to access new webinars and materials
FREE for lifetime
  • Ongoing access to the Intro to IMM course
  • Regular FREE training on IMM topics & FREE IMM tools & resources
  • Access to the Impact Community global LinkedIn learning group
  • Access to excluisve Alumni offers for IMM special events

Full Alumni Membership

Best for coninually updating your knowledge and certification
£ 20 per month (first month free trial)
  • All the benefits of FREE membership PLUS:
  • Ongoing Access to ALL three IMM eLearning Courses & Updates
  • Monthly Advanced IMM Alumni Topic Webinars
  • Get Advanced IMM Annual Re-Assessment and Certification

Not sure which option is best for you?

Just give us a call and we can talk through what you'd like to achieve and whether additional tutor support is the best route for you to take!

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