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What is an inFocus Associate?

inFocus works in partnership with independent consultants around the world to deliver inFocus services that build the skills and capacity of professionals and organisations. We call these partner consultants ‘inFocus Associates’. 


Working with inFocus associates in regions around the world allows us to:

  • Support a growing number of organisations through inFocus services
  • Strengthen the inFocus service offering
  • Ensure that inFocus services are relevant in different local contexts (including languages)
  • Reduce the cost and environmental footprint of inFocus services
  • Share knowledge between the wider team of inFocus associates and jointly benefit from different experience and expertise

Why become an inFocus Associate?

Becoming an inFocus Associate can help you to build your consultancy business, expanding into new areas and/or enhancing your existing consultancy offer. How you get involved as an associate is flexible and can range from referring potential new clients to inFocus, to learning how to market and deliver a range of innovative inFocus services. However you decide to get involved it is an opportunity to get involved with and learn from a growing team of inFocus Associates and staff that are passionate about driving social change.

Access to ‘cutting edge’ tools, resources and techniques developed over a 10 year period

Professional training and support in delivering inFocus consultancy and training services

Access to a growing network of like-minded training and consultancy professionals from around the globe

Highly strategic and targeted marketing and sales support from a centralised team, opening up access to both domestic and international consultancy assignments

Ongoing guidance, advice and support to deliver even the most challenging of client projects, in an innovative and impactful way

Enhanced professional profile and alignment with an internationally trusted, respected and growing consultancy brand

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