Evaluation & Research

Helping organisations gain insight into what works and why.

inFocus conducts independent, external evaluations to facilitate learning and support accountability.

We have conducted evaluations of high complexity projects, programmes and organisations for delivery agencies, funders, policymakers and networks. We utilise a range of approaches including: Summative; Theory Based; Process; Developmental; Impact; and Participatory.

Theory of Change & IMM Design

Helping to design, measure and manage social impact.

Theory of Change

Theory of Change is a technique that helps you to map out and explore how your activities lead to social change, and your underlying beliefs or assumptions. It is a powerful tool for helping to:

  • Communicate your programmes and their intended impact with existing and potential stakeholders and funders
  • Act as a basis for Social Impact Measurement by helping to identify what elements of your programmes to monitor and evaluate
  • Provide focus and direction by getting staff ‘on the same page’ with what you are looking to achieve

IMM Design

We help delivery agencies, funders and networks use their data to report back to stakeholders and as a tool for development and growth. We offer support in the following areas:
  • Developing IMM systems – designing protocols and frameworks, in alignment with a Theory of Change or strong programme rationale, that include the basic processes and tools needed for a consistent approach to measuring social impact.
  • Operating IMM systems – how to operationalise an IMM system and provide management and training support.
  • Using your results – guidance and advice on how to make the most of results.
  • Training – we have applied 15 years of IMM experience to develop fun and engaging online courses, as well as live training to help our clients measure and manage impact.

Strategy Development

Growing and sustaining impact through long term, innovative and collaborative solutions.

Strategy is about asking yourself vital questions like What are you trying to achieve? What is the external situation and how can we address it? Are we effective? How can we convince others of this?

We help organisations to focus on their most critical issues and identify high leverage directions that allow for renewal and reinvention, preserving organisational vitality and competitive edge.