Shared Learning from the Prevention+ Program

The Prevention+ programme seeks to address issues of gender and inequality through interventions targeted towards men and boys – as partners of women and girls, and agents of change. This eLearning module acts as a complement to the Final Evaluation of the Prevention+ Programme undertaken by inFocus (click here to access the report) during the course of 2020.

The eLearning course shares some of the successes and achievements picked up during the course of the evaluation, as well as some of the important lessons learnt by the Programme partners within two key areas:

• Programme sustainability – How can Gender Based Violence (GBV) prevention programmes that engage men and boys as agents for change, design their programme in a way to ensure that the positive changes created within communities and society, are sustainable over time.

• Accountability – How can multi-country GBV prevention programmes that address issues at a large scale, ensure their actions remain both consistent, strategic, and fully accountable to key stakeholders, despite implementation being decentralisation across multiple countries, continents, and very different operational contexts, as is the case with Prevention+.

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Course Includes

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