Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) e-learning platform
E-learning Courses
Impact measurement and management (IMM) remains a significant challenge for non-profits and social enterprises around the world. The inFocus Consulting team have applied 15 years of IMM experience to develop eLearning (online) courses that will help our members to measure and manage impact.
There are three courses available to our members (shown below) that will be launched across March, April and May 2020. The courses have been designed by experienced IMM practitioners and experts in Digital Education from the university of Edinburgh
Introduction to IMM
3 Lessons

Introduction to IMM

A brief introduction to the topic of IMM and why it is important. The course includes 2-hours of online content and the option to join a 90-minute group webinar.
IMM Foundation
10 Lessons

IMM Foundation

Helps you to understand and speak confidently about key IMM topics. The course includes 5 hours of online content and 4 weeks of 90-minute group webinars.
IMM Builder
12 Lessons

IMM Builder Plus

An in-depth journey into how to develop the tools and processes needed for IMM. Includes 15-20 hours of online content and 8 weeks of 90-minute group webinars.

IMM Alumni

For members who go on to complete the IMM Builder course, we welcome them to our Alumni Community. Alumni get access to ongoing professional development on advanced IMM topics.
Course Tutors
All of our tutors have over 10 years of experience supporting individuals and organisations to build their knowledge and understanding of Impact Measurement and Management processes, tools and systems. The tutors are experts in all of the areas and approaches covered in the IMM Builder course and are keen to support you.