e-Learning Lab

E-Learning Lab: Free Courses and Learning Materials

Our e-lab hosts all of our open-access eLearning courses and resources, developed with and for our partners to disseminate learning and knowledge about a range of important social development topics that have application to the wider field. The courses below include:

  Evaluation insights: many of our long term evaluations result in key insights and lessons learnt that partners are keen to share more widely

  Learning Community insights: our learning communities bring together expert practitioners and academics and often culminate in practical guidance and tools on a subject of mutual interest

  IMM public resources: inFocus is also committed to share as much of its’ work as possible on an open access basis and will produce short eLearning modules open to the Impact Community

Moment to Movement 

A 60-90 minute course on how to design community events to ensure they lead to longer-term action. Based on the Spirit of 2012 Olympics and inFocus Moment to Movement research.

Prevention+ Programme 

A short course sharing learnings from the Prevention+ programme; our work with Rutgers seeking to address issues of gender and inequality through interventions targeted towards men and boys.

Scholarship Scheme

We are also still taking applications for our scholarship scheme, where non-profit orgs with an annual turnover of less than £250,000 are eligible to access our full suite of IMM eLearning courses for free.