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How to assess and evaluate digital products and services 

Who is the event for?

A free online training event for funders and grant makers

Friday 19th April 2024 - 10am to 3pm (UK GMT)

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UPDATE: Because the demand for the online version of this event was so strong, we've moved completely online rather than holding a hybrid event. We're excited to have you join us!

This session will involve working in break-out groups to review a fictional digital funding application in the non-profit sector, reflecting on the presentations and discussion from the morning. Each group will be asked to consider what their approach would be to the application as a funder, the key risks to consider with the proposed project, and what indicators could be used to measure progress.

Part 1: Evaluating/Assessing digital products and services (10:30 - 12:00)

Part 2: Putting concepts into practice (13:00 - 14:50)

Lunch break (12:00 - 13:00)

Presentations and interactive exercises will explore why digital products and services require a different approach, how to design and/or assess digital applications, and good practices to follow when monitoring and evaluating digital products and services.

While the session will be focused on sharing key principles from the existing guide, we are keen to ensure that we draw from the shared experience and expertise from everyone in the room to feed into future updates of the guide.

Introductions (10:00 - 10:30)

Introduction to the day and participants.

An overview of next steps from the workshop, including developing a set of specific indicators and tools to measure the impact of digital products and services (building on the existing guide).

Next steps (14:50 - 13:00)



Digital products and services can help non-profit organisations to increase efficiency, reach and impact (as shown in the Catalyst case-study here), and the need for digital support has remained consistent (in the 2023 Charity Digital Skills report, 49% of charities urgently need funds for devices, software and infrastructure).

The event

Monitoring and evaluating a digital product or service often requires a different approach from traditional evaluations designed for in-person services. In 2023, Catalyst supported the evaluation and research consultancy inFocus to conduct research that explored how approaches to these types of evaluation differ, and how different stakeholders can adapt accordingly. It culminated in the guide here.

This event from Catalyst will build on the guide above, but will look more specifically at how funders and grant makers can support the monitoring and evaluation of digital products and services (from funding application through to final report). The event will support you to:

  • Learn how to best assess and measure the impact of digital products and services in the non-profit sector and track their success

  • Put the learning into action by reviewing practical examples of funding applications and exploring different evaluation scenarios

  • Hear from other funders about their approaches to assessing and measuring the impact of digital projects (whether they are standalone digital projects, or a part of a wider programme)

The event is open to any funders and grant makers that currently fund, or are interested in funding, digital products and services in the not-for-profit sector (whether through a specific digital funding programme or as part of a general funding scheme).  The first half of the event is designed for senior stakeholders as well as grant managers, as it provides an overview of the principles of digital project evaluation (and initial assessment, as obviously the two are linked). The second half is a practical session for grant managers, to explore putting the theory into practice across the grant management cycle.


Tom Keyte, Senior Consultant, inFocus (facilitating online session)

Tom has worked on a variety of evaluations of digital products and services since 2018, for Catalyst, Nominet Social Impact, Breast Cancer Now, Teenage Cancer Trust, the National Lottery Heritage Fund and many more. He is the -co-author of the 'Evaluating digital products and services in the non-profit sector" linked above. 

Dr Damian Hatton, Managing Director, inFocus (facilitating in-person session)

Damian has worked in the non-profit sector for 25 years, first as a charity CEO, then a SAAS technology provider to non-profits. Since 2010 he has led numerous complex multi-country, multi-stakeholder reseach and evaluation projects spanning various social and humanitarian development thematics, incorporating different types of digital / online services and products. 

Ellie Hale, Catalyst Producer

Ellie was a member of Catalyst’s incubating organisation, CAST, since 2016. A keen network-builder and connector, she developed and led the Digital Fellowship programme for charity leaders and Design Hops (originally face-to-face training), in partnership with facilitators and infrastructure bodies across the country. During the pandemic she helped map and mobilise Catalyst’s ecosystem into a series of coordinated crisis responses. She led a team providing skills, relational and grant support to 223 grantees and 60+ digital partners.

Guest Speakers