Foundations in Impact
Measurement Course

Course Overview


Foundations in Impact Measurement (FIM)

A 5-module introduction to Impact Measurement and Management, why it is important and some of the key considerations to move forwards including participatory approaches and ethics.


Group Tutorial Series: 10 Steps to Pain-free Impact Measurement & Management​

A four-week webinar series hosted by an impact measurement expert tutor. The course provides a thorough introduction to the end-to-end tools and processes needed to effectively measure and manage impact. The course runs a minimum of twice a year, with additional dates issued according to demand. ​

Group Practical Series: The Complete Impact Manager in Practice​

As a complement to the four-week Group Tutorials we host a series of aligned small group ‘practical’ sessions (max 10 people) that support the practical application of each impact measurement technique or a key step in the process e.g. building a Theory of Change. These allow participants a chance to put the theory into practice. Delivered at least twice per year, with additional dates issued according to demand. ​

Guides &

Foundations Guides and Templates

A set of essential start-up tools and templates that complement the Foundations in Impact Measurement course.


Expert 1:1 Support and Guidance​

In 1:1 sessions with your Impact CoPilot, we’ll help address any of your impact measurement challenges and goals. After which we will send you any follow up materials/ tools we recommend, along with a personalised workplan to help you to achieve your goals.