inFocus and Upshot partnership

inFocus and Upshot have joined forces to offer the first end-to-end solution for organisations to measure and maximise their social impact.  

Together, we combine the powerful features of the Upshot online performance software with access to the inFocus eLearning platform and training. The joint service will enable our partners to:

  Develop a powerful BLUEPRINT for their intended social change

  Build robust processes and practices to MEASURE their IMPACT

  PROJECT MANAGE their delivery work and IMPACT

  Create high quality REPORTS

  EVALUATE and LEARN from their work to celebrate success and make ‘course’ corrections

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this joint service and then just get in touch below.

What is Upshot?

Launched in 2012, Upshot is an online project management, measurement and evaluation tool, developed by the Football Foundation, the UK’s largest sports charity, to support organisations delivering and funding community based projects to manage, monitor and evidence their work, and prove their impact.


Upshot makes it easier for you to manage community projects by enabling you to:

  • record details about participants
  • see current, past and future activity
  • stay up-to-date with tasks
  • link work to outcomes
  • collect information using a smartphone or tablet


Upshot helps you monitor the progress of community projects by allowing you to:

  • define measures of success and view live progress
  • view dashboards and maps
  • see progress against organisational strategies
  • generate statistics at the click of a button


Upshot helps you evidence the effect community projects have by enabling you to:
  • survey participants
  • record outcomes achieved
  • demonstrate impact
  • store photos and videos giving the ‘real story’ behind statistics
  • use a timeline to show participants’ ‘journeys’

Why are we working together?

In 2016, inFocus launched their Online Training Programme, drawing on 10 years of experience to create a comprehensive programme of training and support for organisations to measure their impact and take action to increase the impact and financial sustainability of their programmes. 

Fast forward a year, and both organisations realised that they could add significant value to funders and deliverers of community-based projects by bringing together the Upshot software and inFocus training into one holistic package. The partnership will draw upon the expertise of both Upshot and inFocus staff, alongside a combined track record of working with over 1000 organisations in over 50 countries, across the sport and non-sport landscape.

The journeys for both Upshot and InFocus started with the aim to help and assist organisations who “do good” to better prove demonstrate their impact. In Upshot’s case, this was through an online measurement and evaluation tool and in the case of inFocus, an in-depth training manual and curriculum looking at the fundamentals that sit behind all social change initiatives. The partnership now sees not just a complimenting of skills, but more importantly two much needed offerings coming together to enhance organisational programming and facilitate social change.

A funder or deliverer of a community based project can now develop a theory of change and measurement framework using inFocus online training and templates, enter/manage/report on the data collected using the Upshot software, and then learn how to analyse the data to improve programming and report effectively to funders and stakeholders.