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Greater London Authority 

The Client

Greater London Authority is the regional governance body for London and is responsible for delivering a range of services across the city.

The Challenge

To provide a complete monitoring and evaluation service for Phase 1 of the ‘Sport Unites’ Community Sport Investment Programme Sport Unites is the Mayor’s flagship community sports programme. It supports his long-term vision to make London the most active and socially-integrated city in the world.

The Project

The complete monitoring and evaluation service inFocus designed and implemented centred around; developing processes to collect robust evidence of the Programme’s achievements and impact, support grantee learning and provide ongoing grant management support.

The Grant Management support consisted of  support that covers each of the steps of the grant management cycle, from initially agreeing what data grantees will collect, through to collecting in and reviewing reports and generating learning at the end of a grant cycle. inFocus provided training on using the different tools for collecting data and communicating M&E processes to each of the GLA grant managers.  Learning Activities for grant managers were also planned as integral part of the project. The emphasis of the learning activities with the Sport Unites / GLA team and associated stakeholders focused on findings related to success factors with an emphasis on cross-contextual findings from within the different thematic programmes.

Grantee Learning and Support services included a number of different activities. Initially a training session provide an overview of  the Sport Unites Theory of Change, M&E toolkit and guidance, data collection training and the other inFocus support services on offer to them took place. Other support services included free access to the inFocus IMM Training, online M&E surgeries, learning webinars and live learning events. Grantees have access to inFocus IMM e-learning training [hyperlink to page about IMM training] throughout the course of the evaluation for three named individuals. Grantees also have access to will have access to online surgeries where individuals can sign up to receive of live support via telephone or skype from the inFocus team. A series of learning webinars and live learning event will be available to grantees these learning activities will be to facilitate ongoing collective learning and collaboration within the programme themes.

In order to build a robust evidence base several key activities took place. Firstly, a Theory of Change and M&E toolkit was developed for Grant Managers and grantees to utilise in order to collect evidence on the achievements and impact of their projects. Other activities included the development of; a Common Monitoring Framework, evaluation matrix, data collection toolkits and a Social Impact Measurement (SIM) Workbook.  The SIM workbook will be a working document that will form part of the Grantee M&E Toolkit.  The SIM workbook enables grantees to create their own monitoring systems based upon the SIM workbook and then report their findings within the workbook.  As well as creating M&E processes for the Sport Unities programme inFocus also implemented external data collection on a sample of projects to generate in-depth case studies which would further add to the evidence base.

The inception phase of the project is now completed and as a result an Inception report outlining key work that has been completed and our approach to the project going forward. An M&E services plan was also developed which provides a clear understanding of each of the inFocus services provided throughout the project.