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Introduction to IMM e-learning course
A brief introduction to Impact Measurement and Management and why it is important. The course includes 2-hours of online content.
IMM Foundation e-learning course
Helps all professionals to understand and speak confidently about key IMM concepts, processes and tools. The course includes 5 hours of online content.
IMM Builder e-learning course
An in-depth e-learning course exploring how to develop the tools and processes needed for IMM. Includes 11-15 hours of online content.


Community Learning Webinars
A bi-monthly 1 hour public webinar presented by an IMM expert +/- a member of the Impact Community, covering a Key IMM topic or a real life IMM challenge faced and the approach/solution used to address the challenge, followed by an open floor Q&A.
Introduction to IMM Webinar Course
A four-week webinar series (2-hour webinar once a week) that provides an introduction to the tools and processes needed to effectively measure and manage impact. The course is delivered at least two times per year.
Practical IMM Training Webinars Following on from the four-week webinar series we create group sessions focused on the practical application of an IMM technique or a key step in the IMM process e.g. Building a Theory of Change, where participants get a chance to put theory into practice. Delivered at least twice per year.

Impact Clinic

Remote helpdesk service for:

  • IMM information, advice and guidance (IAG)
  • IMM independent quality assurance (QA)
  • IMM short term technical assistance assignments (TA)

On demand pay as you go
(PAYG) service

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Access free IMM tools and resources covering all elements of the IMM journey.

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