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In this era of COVID-19 many non-profit organisations have needed to respond by moving face to face services online, including working with participants in groups in online workshops (webinars), presenting information and/or generating discussions.

Even with the easing of COVID-19 lockdowns in many countries around the world it looks likely that this online work will need to continue for many organisations as part of a blended approach with face to face activities.

In this 90-minute interactive webinar, the inFocus team shared their learning from extensive experience of over 10 years of running webinars and facilitated a discussion on the experience of webinar participants switching to running online services over the past few months.

About the Presenter

How to run a successful webinar (an online workshop or presentation)

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Tom Keyte, inFocus Consulting

Tom Keyte has over 10 years of running webinars, running his first (admittedly rather chaotic) webinar back in 2009.  Since then he has run hundreds of webinars as part of learning communities, evaluations, training and research projects, for organisations around the world.  Outside of running webinars, Tom is the co-founder and a senior consultant at inFocus, supporting organisations with impact measurement and management.  He has worked with a wide range of organisations around the world, from grassroots delivery organisations working directly in communities, to global networks and funders.

Tips on running a successful webinar: inFocus went through simple good practice advice on running a webinar across the following topics; planning for the webinar (including selecting software), preparing on the day, starting the webinar, introducing the facilitators, general tips for running the webinar, running interactive exercises (and the software you can use for this), wrapping up the webinar, and webinar follow-up.

Group reflections on running webinars: in the second part of the webinar, we ran an interactive exercise with participants to look at their different experiences of running group sessions online, particularly in relation to moving services online in response to COVID-19, and additional advice they have on running webinars.

What we covered on this webinar?

The webinar was broken down into two sections:

The final 15-minutes of the webinar were dedicated Q&A session where attendees asked more specific questions about running webinars.

Who can attend the webinar?

The webinar focused on organisations in the non-profit sector, although anybody interested in running webinars is welcome to attend.