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Get simple, clear guidance and support to ‘Kick Start’ your journey towards decolonising your evaluative process.

Not sure where to start? Our "Impact CoPilots" can help.

An Impact CoPilot is an experienced Impact Assessment and Planning professional from the inFocus Team. Projects with our CoPilots  can address any of our consultancy themes, including the process of decolonising your evaluative process.

We recognise that for some organisations all that is required to succeed is some well targeted advice to help you move in the right direction, along with timely access to the right training, guidance and tools. Our Impact CoPilot programme matches you with one of our team to provide efficient, light-touch support.

If you or your organisation is looking for a low-cost, flexible and time efficient solution to address your current challenges, our Impact CoPilot service has been created with you in mind!

What our clients say about our Impact CoPilot service:

How does it work?

It all starts with an initial Discovery Session where we’ll discuss your decolonisation challenges and goals. This is a free, no commitment session to see if and how we might help!

After the session we will send you a personalised Co-Workplan to help you to achieve your goal.

What is a Co-Workplan?

A Co-Workplan is a clear and simple plan for us to follow to achieve your most urgent objectives and (most importantly) is in line with your available time and resources to implement.

Within the Workplan we will outline our understanding of your needs, along with some suggested areas of targeted support to be provided by your CoPilot. We’ll also provide a brief bio and CV for the CoPilot we recommend for your project, outlining their relevant skills, knowledge and experience.

If you are happy with the plan, we can get started, or make some further tweaks to better fit your needs!

How can a CoPilot help you decolonise?

Decolonising the evaluation process must address the power dynamics that are often baked into entire established frameworks and processes. This requires a thoughtful redesign of every part of the journey – collecting data, analysing data and sharing the results. This can be an involved, in-depth process and can often feel confusing or overwhelming. There is not a quick-fix solution and the process must involve reflection and a learning-based, iterative approach. Many organisations that want to achieve decolonisation in their evaluative processes try and fail because they don’t have the guidance or expertise they need to accomplish this goal.

Bringing a CoPilot into your decolonising process can help you:

These are just some examples, but hopefully they give you an idea of what we offer.

Meet our CoPilots

Every client we work with is paired with a Senior Evaluation and Learning Specialist who has been trained in providing CoPilot targeted support in the most cost-efficient and timely fashion possible. And we’re always continuing to innovate in how we go about doing this, to save you time and money!

Every Impact CoPilot has years of experience and be selected according to your field of work and matched to your support needs.

The great thing is, that we can also pull in different CoPilot’s to help you at different times, so you can leverage the combined expertise and knowledge of our whole senior specialist team, if required.

How much does it cost?

Our Impact CoPilot service is a ‘light touch’ approach to what can traditionally be a costly and time-consuming area of work! If you are keen to co-design, co-develop and co-implement a solution tailored to your needs, then working with an Impact CoPilot is likely going to be the most cost-effective and time-efficient way you could do it.

Your Co-Workplan will break down the areas of support we propose ‘by the hour’, to ensure the time spent on your project is optimised, and targeted to only the tasks you need some expert help to do. If you choose to go ahead with the offer, we even provide you with FREE access to our Complete Impact Manager course to further propel your learning journey forwards, at no additional cost!

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