Introduction to IMM- August webinar

Introdution to IMM course webinar- August 2020

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This introductory webinar covers the key topics covered in the first inFocus IMM course. In this webinar we introduce impact measurement and management (IMM) and explore why it’s a critical topic to address for any organisation that focuses on generating social or environmental impact. We then move onto exploring the different benefits to invest in IMM, before finishing by looking at the tools and processes that need to be in place for effective IMM.

The webinar provided an opportunity to:

  • Meet the course tutor
  • Recap on key topics from the Introduction to IMM course
  • Share your experiences with other members taking part in the eLearning training. 
  • Participate in a Q&A about impact measurement and management


About the Host

Damian Hatton, inFocus Consulting

Dr Damian Hatton is the Founder and Managing Director of inFocus. Damian has 14 years experience designing, project managing and delivering numerous complex, multi-year ‘IMM and research initiatives across over 30 countries. He is a qualified medical doctor with a Bachelor of Medicine (MBChB) from University of Manchester and was also the founder and former CEO for 10 years of Street League, a charity with a mission to bring an end to structural youth unemployment in the UK.

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