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Online Courses

Our courses help individuals, organisations and networks to measure and manage impact.

The courses offer a deep-dive into key IMM topics including participatory IMM, developing a theory of change, data collection methods and communicating your impact. Through exercises, videos and quizzes the courses provide an interactive and immersive learning experience. There are four courses available to cater for the variety of IMM roles and levels of responsibility within a non-profit setting. The courses are designed by experienced IMM practitioners and experts in digital education from the University of Edinburgh.

FREE Introduction to IMM
A brief introduction to the topic of IMM and why it is important. The course includes 2-hours of online content.
IMM Foundation
Helps all professionals to understand and speak confidently about key IMM topics. The course includes 5 hours of online content.
IMM Builder
An in-depth e-learning course exploring how to develop the tools and processes needed for IMM. Includes 11-15 hours of online content and 20 weeks of flexible learning access.
IMM Builder Modules
Access the Builder Course modules most relevant to your current needs or interest. The modules cover IMM topics in a fun and engaging way using videos, articles, interactive exercises and case studies.
Introductory IMM Webinars
Impact Community Plus Members can also access our 4-week Introduction to IMM webinar series. Each of the four webinars are 2 hours in length and they are scheduled across four consecutive weeks. The course runs a minimum of two times a year.

Customised Training

We design training tailored to the needs of your organisation.

We deliver training and facilitate learning using a variety of methods and approaches, including:


A popular format with many clients, we host workshops in person when appropriate and feasible.


Online workshops which use engaging and participatory tools and techniques.

e-Learning modules

In-depth online courses with videos, articles, games and exercises covering a wide range of IMM themes and topics.

Learning materials

We develop audio/visual materials with a focus on accessibility to ensure inclusive access to information. These can include highly-visual short guides, infographics, audios or videos (animations or recordings).

Learning events

A blend of the above delivery formats to deliver a more intensive ‘deep dive’ into a particular topic or theme.

Learning Communities

Hosted at global, regional and local levels, learning communities facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas through webinars, discussion groups, access to tools and resources and regular, curated updates on current IMM issues.

Learning Partnerships for Funders & Networks

We offer customised packages of support to funders and networks with more complex, multi-layered impact measurement and learning needs.

Our services help funders, networks and international NGOs to design and manage their impact measurement systems to better serve their main objectives, be that accountability, performance management and/or learning. We combine the following core services within customised partnerships:

System Architecture
We provide specialist support in designing, operationalising and continuously updating a complex impact measurement system involving shared measurement tools and processes that may cut across different development thematics (e.g. health, education, poverty reduction), numerous geographies and multi-stakeholder partner ecosystems.
Capacity Development, Tools and Training
We provide dedicated support to help operationalise complex impact measurement systems across partner networks with the efficient use of highly customised training, and Shared Measurement Toolkits and Templates to simplify process adoption. This is under-pinned with well targeted 1:1 support to partners via Impact Copiloting to implement key impact measurement tasks and workflows.
Critical Friend and Learning Coordination

The use of data to drive ongoing decision making and course corrections within programmes and projects is an essential function of any impact measurement system. We provide ‘real-time’ and creative access to the many insights, good practices and lessons learnt from a well-structured impact measurement system, along with a ‘critical friend’ voice to gently challenge longstanding assumptions and create strategic level change.

Evaluation and Research Design and Quality Assurance

We provide support in the design and/or quality assurance of your evaluation or research projects, which at select times will serve to complement a functional impact measurement system. This might include Developmental, Process, Formative and Impact Evaluations; special Research Studies; and/or Meta-evaluations.

Dedicated Impact Measurement and Learning Platform
A Learning Partnership can be further supported through the launch of a dedicated Impact Measurement and Learning web-based platform, designed and branded specifically for a given partner network. This can be used to promote access to your custom training, tools and templates, drive impact measurement capacity development initiatives across large partner networks/ ecosystems, publish dashboards, facilitate communities of practice, disseminate learnings and ensure streamlined access to expert impact measurement support.

European Investment Bank Institute
Social Impact Tournament Alumni Impact Measurement and Learning platform


Our scholarship scheme gives individuals and organisations the opportunity to access our IMM e-learning courses for FREE.

There are two types of scholarships available; IMM Builder and IMM Builder plus. The Builder scholarship provides individuals with access to all three e-learning courses, whilst the Builder Plus scholarship includes the same benefits, with the addition of having access to four interactive webinars which further explore key IMM topics and provide an opportunity to meet others on the courses and ask any questions directly to the course tutor.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for our scholarship scheme, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a staff member or volunteer at a non-profit organisation.
  • The organisation must have limited resources for learning and development and have an annual turnover of less than £250k.
  • Demonstrate an intention for utilising the IMM training for further development and growth of the organisation.

Please note: scholarships are limited to one individual per organisation.