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1. eLearning course

This free e-learning course includes practical advice on how to ensure that community events lead to participants taking long-term action to address social issues. The course includes videos, articles, games and interactive exercises and on average  takes around 60 to 90 minutes to complete. 

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How to ensure community events lead to long-term action

Resource Page


If you are involved in the planning and delivery of community events the three resources below will help you to ensure that the events lead to participants taking longer term action.  In 2019/20 Spirit of 2012 and inFocus worked together on the Moment to Movement research, which collated ideas and best practice for creating lasting legacies for events whether they are in-person or online. Working closely with three organisations – WOW Foundation, Springboard and Jo Cox Foundation – Spirit of 2012 and inFocus produced the Moment to Movement research as a roadmap to help explain how events can turn into longer term action. The three different resources below (the eLearning report, webinar and report) were developed to share the practical lessons from the Moment to Movement research.   You can access each of the free resources below. 

2. Webinar Recording 

On the 18th November, inFocus and Spirit of 2012 ran a 90-minute webinar to share the results from the Moment to Movement research and get feedback from participants from around the world on how to design events to lead to longer-term action.  The webinar included a presentation from Kim Leadbetter, Ambassador for the Jo Cox Foundation, sharing their extensive experience on designing and running events.  You can access the recording from the webinar via the button below as well as the presentation here and comments from participants here.

3. Report

The findings and practical advice from the Moment to Movement research is covered in detail in the 40-page report below. The report covers the same content as the eLearning course above in written format, including the ideal conditions in which events lead to longer-term action in participants, the barriers to this and practical steps that individuals and organisations running events can take to ensure this action happens. 

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