Overview of the SIM Assessment Process by inFocus

The Social Impact Measurement (SIM) Assessment developed by inFocus assesses the measurement practices of organisations against the SIM Standards. The SIM Assessment Report provide organisations with advice on the tools and processes to improve the quality of their impact measurement practices. A SIM Assessment will help organisations:

  • – Understand best practice in relation to measuring impact
  • – Identify gaps within their social impact measurement system
  • -Understand how to address these gaps

Organisations rely on the Social Impact Measurement (SIM) standards to measure, manage and analyse the impact of their social programmes. The SIM standardscan be usedby organisations to:

  • – Inform management decisions about the future directionof their programmes
  • – Understand how their own programmes compare with peers organisations
  • – Communicate results to key audiences such as funders or beneficiaries

The independently verified standard draw on international expertise and experience to provide guidelines in seven key areas.