Photojournalism: Case Study

Check out our latest case study following the ‘Our Content’ Photojournalism project.

The ‘Our Content’ Photojournalism project was launched in October 2019 as a pilot programme to enhance the technical skills of young people from diverse backgrounds within photojournalism, and to demonstrate how they are able to contribute to a more diverse workforce within sports media.

This case study details the outcomes of the ‘Our Content’ Photojournalism project. At its core was the empowerment of young people from diverse socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds, as a way of challenging the prevailing situation in sports media and photojournalism where the narratives are predominantly captured and communicated by a narrow, almost exclusive, group of people.

Read case study here >>

This is one of a series of our Sports Unites case studies. Sport Unites is the Mayor of London’s flagship community sport investment programme, supporting the aspiration and long-term vision of making London the most active and socially integrated city in the world.

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