Prevention + Introduction to IMM and Learning Community webinar

Prevention +: Introduction to IMM and the Learning Community

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The webinar provided an opportunity to:

  • Introduce members to the inFocus eLearning platform and how to navigate around the site. 
  • Demonstrate the key benefits of having a Prevention+ membership. 
  • Recap on different topics covered in the Introduction to IMM course. 
  • Ask questions about the site and the eLearning content. 

Agenda Covered

Webinar Resources:

  • Here is the summary write-up of the exercise:                                    P+ Community IMM challenges exercise
  • Here is the Prezi presentation from the webinar:                                   Click here

About the Host

Damian Hatton, inFocus Consulting

Dr Damian Hatton is the Founder and Managing Director of inFocus. Damian has 14 years experience designing, project managing and delivering numerous complex, multi-year ‘IMM and research initiatives across over 30 countries. He is a qualified medical doctor with a Bachelor of Medicine (MBChB) from University of Manchester and was also the founder and former CEO for 10 years of Street League, a charity with a mission to bring an end to structural youth unemployment in the UK.

Run in partnership with:  Prevention +

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