Prevention+ Learning Community

The Prevention Plus Learning Community brings together partners from across the world who are involved in the delivery of Prevention+ initiatives,  to exchange knowledge and experiences concerning good practices and lessons learnt in engaging men, boys and other stakeholders  in sustainable Gender-Based Violence (GBV) prevention intiatives.

What will the Prevention+ Community practically do?

The aim is to share methods and results, and map out both commonalities and differences in approaches to GBV prevention through the Prevention + programme, across all four target countries of Lebanon, Uganda, Rwanda and Indonesia. 

The inFocus team will be working with the Learning Community members to gather insights and lessons learnt across a series of important Learning Topics, outlined below. This will be done through a series of Good Practice Survey’s which country delegations are invited to complete (see links below) ; online discussions via the LinkedIn Group set-up (join below); key informant interviews with selected partners; and finally via the primary and secondary data being collected and analysed by inFocus for the External Evaluation of Prevention+ Programme. The insights and learning will be shared and discussed during the ‘Prevention+ Insight Week’ taking place virtually during the week of September 14th to 18th (register below).

What do Prevention+ Learning Community members get access to?

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Sharing Insights Week (Sep 14th -18th): Learning Topics Covered and Associated Webinars

All the Prevention+ country delegations are asked to complete each of the four Good Practice Survey’s by following the links in the table below. The webinars will all be run during the ‘Sharing Prevention+ Insights’ week of September 14th – 18th 2020. You can sign up to join the webinar series HERE

Learning Topic
Discussion Webinar (Date/ Time)
Good Practice Survey Link
Key insights and lessons learnt when engaging men and boys in the prevention of GBV.
Monday September 14th 10-11.30am
Click here for Good Practice Survey
Key insights and lessons learnt from working simultaneously across the different socio-ecological levels, including international advocacy work (where appropriate)
Tuesday September 15th 10-11.30am
Click here for Good Practice Survey
Key insights and lessons learnt from attempts to institutionalise and sustain the gender transformative approach to GBV prevention in the long-term.
Wednesday September 16th 10-11.30am
Key insights and lessons learnt from working with and engaging with mass media and role models to advance individual change.
Thursday September 17th 10-11.30am
Click here for Good Practice Survey
Using our Learning & Insights to positively influence our Phase 2 Project Designs and Implementation Plans
Friday September 18th 10-11.30am