Spirit and inFocus join in partnership for 3 years

Spirit of 2012 working with inFocus research consortium to evaluate impact of investments

Spirit and inFocus join in partnership for 3 years to evaluate Spirit’s partnerships and projects to effectively monitor the impact of funding.

In November 2013, the Big Lottery Fund established Spirit of 2012 to invest in projects across the UK that enable people to participate in sports, arts, volunteering and social action. The impact goal is to increase health and wellbeing, challenge perceptions of disability and to lead to greater social cohesion. The inFocus team is leading a national consortium of expert researchers to independently evaluate how these projects impact on society. inFocus researchers have skills and expertise across Spirit’s diverse portfolio and bring an important national and regional perspective to the evaluation. For Spirit, this is an important part of our commitment to developing as a ‘learning organisation’. inFocus will share results of the evaluation and research contract with partners over the course of the next 3 years. Ruth Hollis, Director of Policy and Research at Spirit says:

“Spirit is not interested in evaluation for its own sake; we will take the learning from projects to improve our funding strategy and grant-making. Working with inFocus as long-term and independent partners means that we can really start to tell the story of Spirit’s investment, the early impact it is having on improving wellbeing and provide grantees with an opportunity to provide honest and open feedback on how we are doing a Funder. We will work together with projects to create clear, robust frameworks that create meaningful results that we can learn from. inFocus is a highly credible partner and the consortium brings considerable expertise. They share our commitment to formative and genuinely explorative learning. We are excited to be working with them.”

Alison Carney

Dr Damian Hatton, Managing Director at inFocus says:

“The opportunity to work with Spirit on such an important project for the whole of the UK is very exciting. Spirit has an inspiring and clear vision for the changes it hopes to catalyse within communities and takes a highly innovative and professional approach to realising that vision. It is so encouraging to see the depth of thinking that has gone into the various programmes and Spirit’s genuine commitment to impact on the ground. We are equally committed to supporting them to continuously learn and adapt to overcome the many challenges ahead and achieve the full ambition of the project.”

inFocus’ mission is to enable social sector organisations across the world to learn from and share their social impact data, to help them to ‘scale’ their efforts and use resources to best effect, and to ultimately improve the lives of real people, in real communities around the world. Through the inFocus impact platform, they are providing a flexible and scalable shared measurement solution to charities, governmental institutes, corporations and social enterprises to monitor and evaluate their programmes and powerfully communicate their impact. Spirit is committed to effective and genuine monitoring of its investments. Every pound given to projects must work as hard as possible to change lives and improve communities; without in-depth knowledge of what works, it cannot improve the efficiency of its grants and ensure the money is going towards sustainable change.

Notes to Editors

Spirit of 2012 was established by the Big Lottery Fund in 2013 to empower people to get out, be involved and feel better. It ensures the spirit that radiated from the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic is felt across the UK. By connecting events to communities across the country, we ensure our investment is of local, regional and national benefit. Spirit tackles isolation and disadvantage by supporting those providing opportunities in sport, arts and volunteering. Spirit uses local and national events as platforms to encourage full and active community participation in arts, sport, physical activity, volunteering and social action to increase health and well-being, it enhances volunteering, engages and enables young people as leaders and ambassadors, continues the momentum of the Paralympic movement in challenging and changing negative perceptions of disability and collects learning and knowledge. We believe that enabling people to participate in a wide-range of activities will

  • Improve health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and society as a whole
  • Improve perceptions of disability and impairment
  • Lead to greater social cohesion and understanding

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inFocus is a for profit social enterprise founded in 2008 by Dr Damian Hatton. Over the period it has developed a sophisticated suite of methodologies and tools to help organisations operating within the social sector to focus upon the impact they are trying to make in the world. Drawing upon trainings, software, a broad network of expert researchers and evidence based knowledge resources, inFocus are committed to the smart use of data to drive the development of the social sector.

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