Sport Unites : Key insights and lessons learnt when addressing social isolation and mixing

Sport Unites: Key insights and lessons learnt when addressing social isolation and mixing 

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The webinar provided an opportunity to:

  • Hear from the Learning Lead about the role and process of learning. 
  • Outline of a Learning Framework for discussing good practices in relation to social isolation and mixing.
  • Engage with other members of the Learning Community.
  • Consider the Learning Questions that would be useful to answer through the work of the Learning community.

Here we outline the next steps we will follow to gather further information and insight into the Learning Topic. This process we will continue to follow for each of the Learning Topics (Blue Boxes): 

We would greatly appreciate if you could take 30 mins to complete the ‘Good Practice Survey’ we have developed below.  We would like at least one complete survey per Sport Unites project. The results will be used to examine both the commonalities and differences across the Sport Unites delivery sites in relation specifically to social isolation and mixing. 

‘Kick-off’ Webinar Agenda Covered

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About the Host

Damian Hatton, inFocus Consulting

Dr Damian Hatton is the Founder and Managing Director of inFocus. Damian has 14 years experience designing, project managing and delivering numerous complex, multi-year ‘IMM and research initiatives across over 30 countries. He is a qualified medical doctor with a Bachelor of Medicine (MBChB) from University of Manchester and was also the founder and former CEO for 10 years of Street League, a charity with a mission to bring an end to structural youth unemployment in the UK.

About the Co-Host

Graham Spacey, inFocus Consulting

Graham Senior Consultant at inFocus. Originally trained as a Physical Education teacher, Graham has over 10 years of experience research and evaluation and 15 years working in teacher training, sport management and the sport for development and peace at the University of Brighton. For inFocus, he has project managed and lead the evaluation team for several projects globally, including inFocus's work with the GLA on the Sport Unites and MEEF programmes, where he has designed and delivered complex multi-year evaluations in a range of topics

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