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Want some support putting your new IMM knowledge into practice for your organisation? Want to demonstrate your personal compence in IMM? Try our add-on training and support to catalyse your learning experience as you work through the Builder Course Series.

Builder 1 to 1 Tutoring

Best for supporting the implemention of your new knowledge
£ 649 for 10 structured 1:1 tutor sessions
  • Get direct input & support from experienced IMM tutor
  • Across 10 structured 45 min sessions aligned to Builder course
  • Receive tailored advice and guidance to support own needs
  • Includes End of Course Advanced Assessment & Certification

Builder Advanced Assessment & Certification

Best for demonstrating personal achievement and quality standards
£ 149 per personal assessment
  • Advanced assessment of submitted IMM course outputs (coursework)
  • Written critique and feedback against recognised IMM quality standards
  • Apply your tailored feedback to wider IMM processes and tools
  • Get an Advanced IMM Certificate as evidence of advanced competencies



  • Integrated with the Builder eLearning

    The structured 1:1 tutoring sessions are aligned with the topics covered under the curriculum and provide an immediate point of reflection and guidance to improve outputs developed

  • Flexible Scheduling and Tutor Access

    Learners are able to easily message and interact with their tutor on an ongoing basis from inside the eLearning platform, and flexibly schedule their sessions to mutual convenience

  • Focused Advice and Guidance

    Take the generic IMM training to a new level of specificity to your own needs, applying our universal IMM quality standards to achieve your IMM goals

  • In-depth Assessment / Tailored Feedback

    We recognise that every individual learner has their own IMM goals and needs in mind. Our assessment process will serve to support those goals more specifically.

  • Advanced IMM Certificate of Achievement

    In recognition of the coursework produced and quality standards achieved, we have devloped a distinct certificate which is issued and verifiable by our external accreditor, for use as a unique digital badge for display on a LinkedIn profiles and/or within email signatures.

  • Growing Recognition amongst Social Investors

    As the inFocus IMM eLearning courses and training are accessed by a growing number of social investment networks, there is growing recognition by funders of the importance of Advanced IMM certification as a core condition of any funding agreement.

Not sure which option is best for you?

Just give us a call and we can talk through what you'd like to achieve and whether additional tutor support is the best route for you to take!

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