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Road Mapping

Before starting on any journey, it’s wise to plan ahead. We do Road-mapping to help you to get the most out of the IMM: Builder course and the tutorials by planning your route through the training and how you will use the tutoring support.
Builder lessons to complete in advance:

N/A – we run the road mapping session a week before the course.

Before you start: Who to involve in IMM and taking an ethical approach to IMM

Before getting into developing your IMM tools and processes, your tutor will use this first session to think about: who you can involve in your IMM; how to take a more participatory approach to IMM; and the ethical considerations across your IMM.
Builder lessons to complete in advance:
• Who to involve in IMM and how to get support? (recap.)
• How to take a more participatory approach to IMM
• How to take an ethical approach to IMM

Developing a theory of change


Your tutor will help you to develop and review the example theory of change that you will use throughout the course.  This is the basis for your indicators, data collection and analysis.  A theory of change can be a strong basis for IMM as it provides a ‘blueprint’ to of how your activities lead to outcomes and impact, that you can measure against.

Builder lessons to complete in advance:
• How to develop a theory of change
• Using a theory of change as a basis for IMM

Putting in place an indicator framework


In the context of impact measurement, indicators are the pieces of data that we collect to demonstrate whether a change has taken place and if an outcome or impact is occurring (and to what extent).  Your tutor will help to review and guide the development of the example indicators you will use throughout the IMM: Builder course.

Builder lessons to complete in advance:
• How to develop indicators
• How to operationalise indicators

Choosing data collection methods, software and sample size

Your tutor will help to guide you through the key decisions to make in IMM in relation to the many different methods used to collect data and measure outcomes and impact. This includes the software available for IMM and the different approaches to sampling.
Builder lessons to complete in advance:
• How to choose IMM Software
• How to get the right sample
• How to select between different data collection methods

Designing and deploying data collection tools

Effective IMM requires good quality data collection tools, and good quality questions within these tools that provide as accurate a set of answers as possible. In this session your tutor will review and provide guidance on both the example tools you have developed through the IMM: Builder course, and your planning template for deployment.
Builder lessons to complete in advance:
• How to develop question-based tools
• How to deploy common qualitative and qualitative data collection methods
• How to effectively deploy data collection tools

Analysing your data


Analysing data and drawing out learning can be an exciting part of the IMM process, although it can be difficult to navigate through the different options for conducting analysis and work out where to start.  Your tutor will guide you through the different approaches to the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data that are covered on the IMM: Builder course. 

Builder lessons to complete in advance:
• How to conduct quantitative analysis
• How to conduct qualitative analysis

Using learning to drive fundraising, investment and communication

Learning from your impact measurement process can really help to tell your story effectively and aid overall communications, which in turn drives income generation and helps to build stronger relationships with stakeholders. Your tutor will talk through how to maximise the end-products from your IMM processes and help you to make decisions about the best way to communicate your impact.
Builder lessons to complete in advance:
• How to write an impact report
• How to use IMM to support fundraising and investment

Using learning to improve performance


For organisations that conduct impact measurement effectively, the learning generated from this is all too often NOT used to improve its’ performance, increase the scope and quality of their impact going forwards. Your tutor will help you understand how you can become a ‘learning organisation’ and make the most out of your IMM.

Builder lessons to complete in advance:
• How to use learning to drive improvements and performance

Final assessment


Following the end of the IMM: Builder course, your tutor will review and grade your coursework that you have developed across the course and help you to think ahead with how to apply the knowledge to your overall organisational IMM processes.

Builder lessons to complete in advance:
• IMM: Builder final assessment

End of Course Advanced Assessment and Certification

All participants in the IMM: Builder course will receive a grade from the automated final assessment and a certificate of completion. There is the additional option for an Advanced Assessment of the learners coursework completed across the IMM: Builder course, reviewed by an inFocus tutor at the end of the course. The coursework assessment, along with an expert written critique and direct feedback on the outputs from the course, can then be applied to wider IMM practices. It will also determine whether the participant receives an Advanced IMM Certificate of achievement.  This may require the learner to first incorporate key elements of the feedback into the course outputs, to achieve IMM quality standards.

This is part of the tutoring package described above and can also be purchased separately.

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