UNDP and the 7 Steps in Eastern Europe

inFocus and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Ukraine began collaborating in July 2016, in the frame of the Democratization, Human Rights and Civil Society programme across Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. The initial project centred in Chisnau, Moldova, and was designed to provide over 30 Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s) with tools and training to support their understanding of the complex aspects of social change they were addressing and the subsequent measurement of the change. We focused upon steps 1 and 2 of the 7 Steps, using Theory of Change as a technique that the CSO leaders could learn and deploy in their own contexts. The workshops and training were also complemented with e-learning materials translated into local languages (see opposite to access these materials in English and Russian).

Several of the CSO’s went on to produce their own Theory of Change and measurement frameworks!

IX International Conference
7 Steps Artwork

The initial Theory of Change trainings were followed by a series of presentations at prominent regional events including the IX International Conference of Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum in February 2017, which was focused on social innovations and more recently at the 6th Civil Society Development Forum held in Kyiv on November 16-17, 2017. The Civil Society Development Forum is a unique national platform in Ukraine for discussion of key standards and practices for civil society organizational development, welcoming more than 1,700 participants.

These represented great opportunities to both share regional experiences around measuring and managing social change and provide an overview of the 7 Steps process and tools, which were warmly embraced by attendees:

“Damian found a way to make me rethink what we are doing and maybe shift from focusing solely on quantity to think of quality and how to measure it”

IX International Conference, inFocus workshop participant

Across the trainings, over 91% of participants reported they were well or very satisfied with the training and insights received!