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The community sport sector is adjusting its practices to support programme needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. This learning group provides an opportunity for Sport Unites grantees to discuss the issues surrounding monitoring and evaluation they will face in the time of social distancing and social isolation. The group will be led by inFocus, the GLA Sports team with input from Sport Unites grantees.

The webinar provided an opportunity to:

  • Discuss the challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic with fellow practitioners
  • Hear how other organisations are addressing these challenges
  • Connect with colleagues to brainstorm strategies for prioritising and adapting activities, creating new ones and collecting data
  • Share and receive resources

Agenda Covered

Webinar Resources:

  • Here is the summary write-up of the exercises
  • Here is the link to all the Guest presenters presentations click here
  • Here is the main Prezi presentation we used is the webinar click here

About the Host

Tom Keyte, inFocus Consulting

Tom Keyte is Co-founder and a Senior Consultant at inFocus. He has over 11 years of experience as an evaluator, trainer and consultant, supporting not-for-profit organisations with evaluation and learning solutions, across a range of social development topics such as Sport for Development, Child Protection, Gender Equity, Disability and the use of technology in social development. Tom oversees and takes part in complex evaluations as part of the inFocus evaluation team and sets up and runs global communities of practice with organisations from around the world, in order to share learning.

About the Co-Host

Graham Spacey, inFocus Consulting

Graham Senior Consultant at inFocus. Originally trained as a Physical Education teacher, Graham has over 10 years of experience research and evaluation and 15 years working in teacher training, sport management and the sport for development and peace at the University of Brighton. For inFocus, he has project managed and lead the evaluation team for several projects in the globally, including inFocus's work with the GLA on the Sport Unites and MEEF programmes, where he has designed and delivered complex multi-year evaluations in a range of topics

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